Determine how ready is your advertising and marketing stack for AI

Take this quiz to find out your AI Readiness for Advertising and Marketing


According to Forbes, top-performing companies are more than twice as likely to be using AI for marketing (28% vs 12%)

AI in advertising refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions based on the information that is fed to them. They use historical data to learn from past experiences and use it to make smarter decisions in the future. Advertisers can use AI to create more personalized experiences, target the right audience, select the right influencers, and make decisions faster.

Take this brief, online assessment to understand how prepared you are to implement AI in your advertising and marketing stack. Answer questions about the basics of AI, digital marketing, and advertising tactics.

Based on your answers, you will find out:

  • Where you are on the AI readiness spectrum for Advertising and Marketing
  • What steps you've already taken to progress in your AI readiness level
  • Considerations and recommendations for moving forward with AI