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An Industry Leader in AI-based Ad Bidding Technology that deters wasted ad spend and avoids expensive targeting and ad campaigns. Recognized by Gartner.

For Agencies

SoMin builds you AI-generated audience personas for your campaigns to save you hours of research. Now, you can optimize your clients' ad campaigns without the added expenses of performance marketers and analysts.

For Brands

Scale your paid social efforts on Facebook, Google, and TikTok using AI technology to generate 30% or more in marketing returns for your brand. SoMin is the innovative marketing solution that you need to automate and optimize your ad campaigns.

Seamless Connection Between Businesses and Ad Platforms

Breaking down relevant audience profiles into different machine-level permutations, and tests these profiles at scale to drive more than 30% increase in performance

Improved Targeting via Artificial Intelligence

Solving the biggest issues on the Internet with machine-generated audiences that align with your campaign and business objectives

Being recognized by Gartner is one more significant and important step towards achieving our mission of having Zero Junk Ads on by 2025. During the past few years, we have helped large brands and agencies in 19 countries across the globe to make their ads 30% to 400% more efficient via AI, and this is only beginning. We are aiming at transforming the Global Universe of Digital Advertising by 2025, and Gartner's recognition is an encouraging milestone we've achieved at the end of 2020!

Aleks Farseev, CEO and Co-Founder,

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